About Us

Wishlist Tobago is the 'go to' hub when seeking to celebrate any and every special occasion. We pride ourselves in providing unique products at unbeatable prices. We are best known for delivering customer picks nd trending gizmos and gadgets to people across all walks and spaces whether they are celebrating a special occasion or simply love shopping!

As a Tobago based business, with reaches throughout Trinidad and Tobago, we sell collections for men, women and children of all styles, sizes and ages.

We are a timeless brand that promises and continues to deliver on ensuring you and your loved ones always feel celebrated.


Our Vision

To deliver on our promise to provide quality products, by way of efficient reliable services at competitive prices. 

Our Mission

Our vision is to be a local powerhouse in which people can rely to meet all their needs in bringing their visions to life when celebrating a loved one or a special occasion. By providing durable, quality, unique products, we hope to raise the bar by providing exemplary services in going above and beyond to meet the needs and expectations of our clients. We are proud to note that our competitive prices and deals are accommodating to every socioeconomic platform, therefore no-one is left behind. We also strive to bring awareness and exposure to our local artisans and manufacturers, diversifying the quality and range of products being offered. It is our hope in the coming future to extend our reaches within the Caribbean and thereafter cross the international stage. We monitor trends and are sensitive to the needs of our clientele, ensuring no one person or culture goes unrecognized or unappreciated. We pride ourselves in equalizing our services to all revolutionizing the manner in which people celebrate and feel celebrated.